MBSData, LLC is a leading provider of non-agency mortgage backed securities data and analytics to the structured finance marketplace. Though recently founded in 2009 MBSData’s product offerings have already brought a higher level of availability and transparency to these marketplace participants. We service a variety of clients including investors, rating agencies, researchers, modelers, mortgage consultants and other service providers.

MBSData web based platform empowers clients with the ability to perform monthly surveillance and track historical deal and loan level performance on RMBS. This platform integrates our cutting edge technology, our industry fastest and best in class monthly remittance update cycle with the MBSData full suite of detailed datasets and custom built analytics.

MBSData is changing the course and providing a better direction for the MBS industry. We believe in maintaining the highest data quality standards and are committed to delivering innovative and personalized services. With a combination of data quantity, data quality, technology and cost, MBSData has created a value proposition never before seen in the industry.